Photography Inspiration

Do you guys ever look at Trendland? It’s one of my favorite sites to browse around, especially for photography inspiration. I find myself pinning from them more than any other site! Here are a few of my favorite photographs I’ve come across lately:

I love the composition of this photograph by Sabrina Bongiovanni. I love the pink bag too… what is it with me and pink these days?! See more of her work here.

The psychology of color is so interesting to me (if you like it too, this Josef Albers book is great). This is a fun play on color by André Britz.

The lighting here is so pretty, and it’s such a clever way to photograph this jewelry. See more of David Abrahams‘ work here.

Another clever way to photograph jewelry by Karin Öström!

And finally, I’ve been crushing on this photo by Barbara Metz and Eve Racine for a while.

- sara

  • John Craft

    Thx! Also check 99Phototricks website.

  • Eli

    Oh this is amazing! It’s like a Pinterest without all the crap! Ps. LOVED your Hawaii posts, I really want to visit in 2014 for the first time (but I’ve been saying this for years) and really want to make it happen!

    • Sara

      Thanks Eli!! You’ll definitely have to go to Hawaii. It’s so inspiring, relaxing, and the fruit is delicious. I already want to go back!